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The Official Site of The Teachers

channeled by Grace Geenn

How it all began...
During the month of May 2012, while delivering sessions to my clients, I found myself  channeling. To receive these energies was a surprise to me, since I was not doing anything with the intention of channeling. What I have always done is to set up the intention of healing at the beginning of the session, and invoke both, my spiritual guides and the spiritual guides of the person in session, to co-create the healing that the person is able and willing to experience. I think of my clients as "the healers" and think about myself and the spiritual guides as "the facilitators". I have always had the certainty that the spiritual guides are present and assisting during the sessions, but have never before felt their presence in a tangible way.  These energies first came in the form of strong electro-magnetic streams into my crown chakra, to my heart, through my hands, into the auric field of the client in session.  Then, they came through as different frequencies of toning and finally they became spoken words, first as monologs and later as dialogs These entities are coming through with beautiful energy and information for personal and planetary transformation.  I have called them “The Teachers”.  For seven months I channeled them only for private sessions.  Then, I was called upon to bring them to groups, which I started doing in January 2013.

I invite you to attend the “Gatherings with The Teachers”and share with me the joy and excitement of this wonderful adventure!

Grace Geenn